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A.A.D. Web Hosting Order Form

Domain names must consist of alpha characters, numeric characters, or the
minus sign '-'.  Other characters are not accepted.  Domain Names are not case
sensitive.  Do not enter 'www' in front of the domain name. 

A domain which ends with .com, .net or .org can be registered for you by us.
Just be sure to choose the New Domain Name Registration option in the
drop down list below.   A fee of $60.00 for the first 2 years Plus a Renewal Fee
of $30.00 per year for as many years as you want up to 10 years.

Transfers to our registrar are free, but there is a 1 year renewal fee which
adds 1 year to the end of your current registration.  If you wish to make a
Registrar transfer, please advise us in the comments box below.
If you would like to sign up for a Virtual Domain,

please click HERE to check the availability of the domain.

Domain registration for other countries will be hosted on our nameserver,
but the client is responsible for contacting the NIC in the respective country
to complete the registration for other countries. You will receive Nameserver
info with your Site information shortly after it has been setup.

* All fields in RED are required information*

Enter the Domain Name to be hosted and/or registered below:

Domain Name:
*www. *

The domain above will be registered only if you select the new
registration option in the drop-down list below and it is available.

If you click the transfer button, and Your existing domain name is already
registered through Network Solutions we will make the change for you but,
you will have to respond to the verification they email to the email address
on the existing registration.

Choose "Transfer Existing Domain" if you are transferring this domain from
another hosting company or registration service.  For a Transfer you will also
have to fill in the NIC handle in the form field below

Domain Name Preference:

New Domain Name Registrations Only
Please select the number of years for which
you would like your domain registered.

Sending this order form signifies your agreement with the
A.A.D. Site Usage Agreement.

User/Domain Information


Owner Information

First Name: **
Last Name: **
NIC Handle:    
Address: **
Country: **
State (if other than the United States or Canada): 
Phone Number: **e.g. (555) 555-5555 x555 
Email: **
Please enter an additional e-mail address below. This address should
originate outside of our network, providing us with an alternative
way to contact you via e-mail.
Off Network E-mail: **

InterNIC Contact Information

Please do not change this section unless you would like to fill in specific
Contact information for the InterNIC registration.
Use the information above for the Administrative Contact information.
Use the information above for the Billing Contact information.
Choose A.A.D. as your Technical Contact.

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